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USB Charging/Protocol/Electrical Tester
Product ID: UCPET
USB Charging/Protocol/Electrical Tester (UCPET) is the automatic test equipment designed for USB Battery Charging Spec V1.2 (USB BC V1.2). It has also been approved by USB-IF as the standard test solution for USB BC V1.2. UCPET aims to verify the product to conform with the USB-IF specification and to efficiently assist customers in USB BC1.2 products development, debugging and validation.

The Fixtures have been approved by USB-IF.
USD $5,000.00
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In order to test USB Type-C products, which support USB BC V1.2, via UCPET, Allion develops Test Fixtures that can (1) perfectly convert Type-C signals; (2) switch the DUT into Sink/Source status via slide switches.
It applies to the products which support USB Battery Charging Spec V1.2.
1. Support BC 1.2 compliance test for DCP, CDP and PD categories
2. Support manual function
3. Software features simulate oscilloscope function
4. Support bypass capacitance checking
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