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OCP NIC3.0 PCIe CLB5.0 Test Fixture
Product ID: APT22005 / APT22009 / APT22010 / APT21135
New Test Fixtures support OCP NIC3.0 and EDSFF(Enterprise and Data Center SSD Form Factor) 4C/4C+ Formfactor for PCIe Gen5 TX& RX Measurement
Modular & Variable Cable Assembly

 The OCP NIC3.0 PCIe CLB5.0 Test Fixture Set contains the below items:
1. OCP NIC3.0 CLB5.0-L0x8 (Model Name: APT22005)
2. OCP NIC3.0 CLB5.0-L4x12 (Model Name: APT22009)
3. OCP NIC3.0 CLB5.0-CAL (Model Name: APT22010)
4. Allion CMTS Board (Model Name: APT21135)
5. Cable Module*8
 The lead time will be 6-8 weeks from order to shipment.
USD $13,000.00
Avaliable Amount:

User Manual Download
 OCP NIC3.0 or EDSFF C4/C4+ PCIe Golden Finger connect to Host for PCIe Test.
 (APT22005) Eight SMPM Connectors for Lane 0~3 & 8~11
(APT22009) Eight SMPM Connectors for Lane 4 ~7 & 12~15
 Two SMA Connectors for Reference Clock
 Eight PC-2.92 to SMPM 3 inches Cable Box (Each Cable Box connects 2 Pairs of differential signals)

 Two SMPM Connectors for 2x Thru Calibration
 OCP NCI3.0
 EDSFF (Enterprise and Data Center SSD Form Factor) 4C/4C+
 PCIe Gen5 Test Fixture Set for Tx/Rx
1. Compatible with EDSFF Specification TA-1002 4C/4C+、OCP NIC3.0、GEN-Z、PECFF、SNIA Native NVME of Drive Tx & Rx
2. Durable SMPM Connectors, supporting up to 40GHz
3. Smaller Size for convenient measurement
4. Flexible Cable Assembly to simplify installation
5. 2x Thru Calibration kit
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