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M.2 PCIe CBB5.0 Test Fixture
Product ID: APT22060 / APT23011
M.2 PCIe CBB5.0 Test Fixture
SMPM Connecor with Flexible Cable Module

The M.2 PCIe CBB5.0 Test Fixture Set contains the below items:
1. M.2 CBB5.0 Test Fixture (Model Name: APT22060)
2. PCIe CBB CMTS board (Model Name: APT23011)
3. Cable Module*4
The lead time will be 2-4 weeks from order to shipment.
USD $8,800.00
Avaliable Amount:

User Manual Download
1. PCIe M.2 M-Key Receptacle Connector
2. Four SMPM Connector for Full Lanes Support
3. Two SMPM for 2X Thru Calibration purpose
4. Two SMP Connector for Reference Clock
5. Dimesion : 66.8mm x 80mm
6. Others:
Four SMPM 3 inches Cable with SK Receptacle
1. PCI Express Device Compliance Test for Tx/Rx (Gen1-Gen5)
2. PCI Express Electrical Signal Quality Validation for Tx/Rx (Gen1-Gen5)
3. Applicable for Device, Storage product which use M.2 interface
1. PCIe M.2 Compliance Electical Test for Tx/Rx
2. Durable SMPM Connectors and flexible Cable Assembly
3. SMPM Connectors and Cable Assembly support up to 40GHz bandwidth
4. 2X Thru Calibration is designed onboard
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