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USB-C® – 3.2 1 by 4 Auto Switch
Product ID: AUS22044
USB-C® One by Four Programmable Tools
USD $650.00
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1. One USB-C® Plug* Connector for Up Stream/Down Stream
2. Four USB-C® Receptacle Connector for Down Stream / Up stream
3. Tact Swicth for H/W Switch
4. One USB-C® for External Power & S/W Control
5. Dimension : 60.00 mm x 50.00 mm
1. Cycling Testing、Product Line Manufacture
2. Stability & Reliability Testing
3. Interoperability & Functional Test
1. Emulate USB-C® Ports Plug/Unplug Function
2. Software Programmable : Ports Switch Interval,Port On/Off Timing setup,Cycling Times.
3. Save Time and avoid Manual operate Error.
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