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USB-C® – USB 2.0 C Receptacle to A Plug
Product ID: AUT17032-CRAP
This fixture is designed for USB-C 2.0 Plug and USB-A products.
USD $350.00
Avaliable Amount:
22 PCS

User Manual Download
1. USB-C Full Spec Receptacle connector
2. USB Type A Plug Connector
3. DP3T Slide Switch
4. Dimension : 29.72 x 16.26mm (Excluding the connector part)
Applicaple in USB-IF Compliance tests, including PHY, Protocol, Power, IOP (Gold Tree) test
1. Convert high-speed signal from USB-C Receptacle to Micro USB A Plug 2.0 Connector
2. Offers ternary switch for CC1/CC2 (Rd Pull-high, Rd Pull Down, Floating)
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